System redesign

Having considered the visual impact of a belt drive system on the engine display, the drive system was re-designed as a friction drive system, using a rubber drive wheel to drive the flywheel of the engine to motor it.

This will use the original flywheel, as it now needs to transfer force between the drive wheel and the crank.

The need for a piston seemed expensive, and introduced excessive friction. This has been replaced by a guide fork and a low friction slide block, all of which will be unseen.


New big end caps have been designed with a two part PTFE bush to prevent damage to the crankshaft.

The follower shaft has been replaced with a new components with PTFE end bushes. The original shaft ran in parent metal and would cause significant wear over time. The roller follower is also being made new with a PTFE bush for similar reasons.

The valves have been removed and replaced with dummy rods. These rods operate using a new, far lighter, valve spring that will remove most of the load (i.e. wear potential) from the camshaft system.

The new drive wheel arrangement and 3 phase motor and on a sprung tensioner to compensate for any wear over time, preventing the onset of slipping. The 3 phase motor will allow fully programmable up and down ramps, preventing slipping of the drive wheel.

The full gear drive is being made new, as the originals are damaged and warped beyond use.