Engine Teardown

The first key goal was to create a concept for how the motored display would look and function. We decided to do this in 3D CAD as this gives fantastic flexibility to explore different concepts, whilst also giving an acurate illustration of packaging constraints. The agreed specification for the motored display was as follows:

  • The display must be maintenance free (i.e. bearings mustn’t need oiling etc.)
  • The display must function quietly
  • The display must motor at a speed of 5-8rpm
  • No original parts can be modified

To allow us to create the 3D CAD model of the engine it had to be stripped. Some of the parts were not in great shape and would clearly need replacing for the motored display to function.


Some of the simple parts were measured manually, but the more complicated parts had to be measured using a 3D scanner. Once this had been completed, and the results of the 3D scan had been checked and cleaned, we could start constructing the 3D model.