3D CAD Model and Gear Driven Concept

With the majority of the parts measured/3D scanned we could start constructing a 3D CAD assembly of the engine. A majority of the engine parts had been 3D scanned, which meant the parts had already been created, but needed checking and “cleaning” of any anomalies. The parts that weren’t scanned, only measured needed to be created in CAD from scratch using the dimensions taken from the parts. Shown below is the completed 3D CAD model of the engine.


This model then allowed us to start laying out a few ideas for how the motored display would look & function. In an attempt to be as in keeping with the original engine as possible the first concept was gear driven. This is shown below.

Though this concept was very tidy in appearance, the main concern was that if something failed in the cranktrain assembly then the gears would not allow any slip in the system, and continue driving the engine, and this could cause damage to the engine. The position of the motor etc. was well received however, so we could take this forward to the next concept.