Fitting the Ricardo Turbulent Heads

The next part fitted to the engine was of great significance – the Ricardo Patented Turbulent Cylinder Heads.


One of my favourite details on the cylinders heads were the special fixings (highlighted in red in the above image) which allowed the heads to self-extract themselves from the barrels (to reduce the risk of damaging anything if the heads have to be removed).

Also note that the heads are made in 2 castings. Back in the 1920’s casting a very large item to a good quality was very challenging. The easiest way they found to deal with this was to split any large castings into 2 parts – as per the cylinder heads and barrels on this engine.

Now the cylinder heads were on we could fit the various cast coolant pipes. Though some were saved - just media blasted and re-painted, some of the pipes had to be re-cast & machined. One of the re-cast pipes is shown below.


The newly made coolant pipes are shown fitted to the top of the engine in the image below.