Engine Teardown

With the all the parts back at Shoreham Technical Centre, we started to tear down any assembled parts of the engine. Unfortunately virtually every fixing was completely corroded, which meant the majority of them had to be cut off.

Some of the fixings had been cut off before we received the engine, and had ended up in quite a mess! A lot of the parts were heavily pitted and corroded. A lot of this was due to the engine being stored in a cold, wet garage for a number of years before it was ‘saved’.

The pictures above show a previously mashed fixing (left) and a heavily corroded front damper

We also started to label parts up, and tried to take an objective view on which parts could be saved and which would need to be replaced.

The main bearings were in a poor condition and will need to be re-white metalled.

We cleaned and media blasted the complex castings (sump, crankcase & barrels) and this highlighted some poor quality repair work which had been done many years ago.

As the story started to unfold, it was becoming more and more clear that this would be a challenging engine refurbishment.