Resources, water and waste

Resources, water and waste

The future picture for resources, water and waste management is a much clearer one, since, if we do not completely overhaul our use of resources and our waste and pollution management practices – tightly controlling resource flows and eliminating all wastage – we will not have a future to protect.

The ‘circular economy’, where materials are effectively borrowed from the planet and are always re-used after the product has reached the end of its useful life, is already gaining credibility and a certain level of application. By 2115, it will be the rule rather than the exception, and its thinking is likely to be extended to other resources, such as water, atmospheric gases and energy.

“Individuals will be assigned tradable resource budgets, which cover all finite resources. People can choose to spend more than they have, but need to recover their credits by other means. The intention will be to force every individual to take actions to minimize resource use and wastage.”

Robert Bell Former Managing Director, Ricardo Energy & Environment

Individuals as well as industry will need to adopt a new perspective to bring about the dramatic changes that are needed, ensuring every expenditure of resources is minimized and justified, and every item, waste and bi-product is reused.

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