Energy and infrastructure

Energy and infrastructure

Energy is everything – and it goes without saying that the efficiency of its use and the preservation of its sources are key to the sustainability of our planet.

The issues arising from close-on two centuries of industrial production dependent on fossil fuels began to be addressed not a moment too soon – and as a company we will continue to work with our partners to ensure this trend becomes a fully integrated and adopted strategy globally, to protect future generations. Our aim is to help bring greenhouse emissions to negligible levels and to achieve CO2 neutrality, halting the rise of damaging atmospheric CO2, within the next century.

By 2115, renewable sources of energy will provide the cornerstone of industrial and domestic power, with most energy coming directly or indirectly from the sun, wind, sea and biomass-based sources. Additional baseload capacity will possibly come from low-risk, environmentally acceptable and economically viable nuclear fusion technologies.

“The energy mix [of the future] is really difficult to predict objectively, but my view of the future energy system suggests five key areas will dominate:

  • Increasing emphasis on sun energy…
  • A large proportion of distributed energy, in which every building gets close to energy independence from the grid…
  • A ‘baseload’ provision provided by something else, possibly fusion…
  • A combination of large, centralized and smaller-scale storage systems…
  • A core focus on efficiency – reducing losses and making the best use of what is available, via artificial intelligence controlling the entire system.”

Professor Neville Jackson Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Ricardo plc

The variable nature of energy supply from sources such as the sun, sea and wind, means a surge in research and development around efficient energy storage technologies and timely deployment of stored energy will be vital to maximizing the use of our natural resources.

To find out more about our views on energy and infrastructure of the future, request a copy of our centenary book, or contact us by email – [email protected].

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