Divisional celebrations

The enduring strength of Ricardo lies in our people who give so much of their time, talents and dedication to seeing Ricardo maintain its position as a world class organisation. We are taking the opportunity with extended members of the Ricardo corporate family to celebrate this significant milestone. Wider family members of current employees, Ricardo Alumni and other selected guests will all be invited to join with us at one of the Technical Centre based open days.

This will be an opportunity for employees family members to see first-hand some of the activities undertaken at Ricardo as well as enjoy family entertainment. We will be providing more details here as well as posting images and commentary from the open days as they happen.

Centenary lectures

“AN INNOVATIVE FUTURE - How 100 years of innovation can prepare us for tomorrow’s challenges”

In the hundred years since the company known today as Ricardo plc was formed by Sir Harry Ricardo, many significant industrial and technological innovations have been created and developed. These have been the cornerstone of the sophisticated mobility and energy systems we now enjoy. In recent decades, environmental impact, safety, sustainability and efficient use of scarce resources have become an ever increasing focus.

At the beginning of the last century, the motor car was in its infancy and a range of propulsion systems were being developed ranging from steam engines to battery electric and internal combustion engines. Over the last century based on a stream of technology innovations such as fuel characteristics, clean combustion systems and more recently, hybrid systems; the internal combustion engine has been developed to completely dominate the market.

Today, the world faces a similar dilemma. We are researching and developing a range of propulsion systems to meet our environmental and societal challenges whilst continuing to provide products that meet customer needs, but today it is unclear which technology will be the ultimate winner.

This Centenary Lecture, which includes fascinating material describing key innovations throughout Ricardo’s first hundred years, seeks to provide an insight into what has made Ricardo plc an important contributor to the transportation sector. The life and innovative characteristics of Sir Harry Ricardo will be discussed, with a perspective on how future innovation supported by a range of new skill sets for engineers will be required to meet the challenges of the next century.

Ricardo plc will continue in its role to help solve some of the key global challenges, such as greenhouse gas reduction, environmental sustainability and improved mobility. The lecture will conclude with a future longer term vision for mobility, energy systems and sustainability in an increasingly environmentally responsible and connected world.


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